You may make donations to various funds for Congregation Etz Chayim by using our easy on-line form below. Fill in all information that applies and click on the "Send Donation" button to electronically send your donation.

We believe transmitting credit card information on the Internet is as safe as using over the telephone or sending through the US Mail, however we cannot guarantee its safety. Therefore, Congregation Etz Chayim utilizes the Secure Server of our web host, Google at, to increase the safety of your credit card transaction. By using this Secure Server, your credit card information is encrypted, protecting it from being read by any outside source.

Donor Information

Type of Donation
 $10.00 Standard Announcement
Select: In Memory   Yahrtzeit
Speedy Recovery   Happy Events
 $12.00 In Appreciation
 $12.00 Mishaberachs (Special Prayer)
 $18.00 Chai Fund
 $36.00 Double Chai Fund
 $18.00 Tree Planted in Israel
 $25.00 Silver Contribution (Single Box)
 $50.00 Gold Contribution (Double Box)
$100.00 Platinum Contribution (Bold Box)
         $50.00 Shabbas/Holiday Prayer Book
   $75.00 Chumash
 $100.00 Bima Flower Fund - Shabbas
 $125.00 Bima Flower Fund - Holidays
 $150.00 Tree Of Life Leaf
 $500.00 Stone
 $600.00 Memorial Plates
   $60.00 Shabbat Kiddush
   $75.00 Shalosh Seudos (November - March)
 $180.00 Plates On Odesky Plaque
$1000.00 Sanctuary Dedication Plates
(Box to include up to 4 names. Over 4 names will be an additional charge of $8.00 per name.)

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